Reblogged: Got Hope? (Hint: It looks a lot like weeding…)


This is one the most powerful pieces of writing I’ve come across in a long time. Leslie of Suicide Survivors writes about finding hope after suicide with unimaginable insight and even beauty. You’ll be glad you decided to read it! Thanks Leslie for permission to reblog.


As a guest-poster, Josh Rivedal also invited me to guest-post on his blog, too.  I feature a ‘teaser’ on his blog ( for today’s story.  Today’s post is about hope lost and eventually, hope regained.

When I was 15, I lost my mom to suicide. Despite the profound loss of my mother, the fallout with some family members afterwards, and the feeling that my world had completely upended, I still had ambition. Even with the sense of betrayal and the long-gnawing fear of possibly ending up like my mom, I felt myself moving forward on a trajectory that whispered softly in my ear: “history is not destiny”. I stuck to my goals: I went to college, I traveled, I found a city in which to live that felt like home (3000 miles away), I went to grad school and became a professional social worker which I’d felt was my calling…

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